Friday, February 9, 2007

Free-1 Design Story

Skype with style

FREE-1 is specially designed to enhance and expand your Skype experience. Every aspect of using Skype is reflected in how FREE-1 looks, feels, and operates. Now you can Skype with style!

FREE-1's unique shape allows easy and intuitive Skype operation, from activating the Skype window, to picking up and calling. The size and proportion of FREE-1 is designed to fit comfortably in your hand and against your facial contours when you talk, while being small and compact enough to carrying around with your laptop.
Three unique reasons to love free-1 are its Buddy Jog, thoughtful 12 degree angle, and anti-crosstalk.

Buddy jog Buddy jog will be the first feature to catch your attention. When you play with the buddy jog, you can't help but Skype more and more friends. Greatest part is that Skype to Skype is totally free! Even if you SkypeOut to someone out of the Skype circle, it would cost so little! Next time when you play with your Buddy jog, who do you want to skype?
The 12° Angle When using free-1, do not use it as if it was a regular phone, where you have to cup your hand over the mouth piece in order for the other party to hear you better. free-1 is designed to fit the angle of your face. The design of free-1 has placed the location of the ear and mouth piece for best fit and comfort of your communication needs. Also when free-1 is placed on the table, the 12° angle is the best angle to fit in the palm of your hands. When you pick up free-1, it will fit the curves of your face at the same time feel weightless in the palm of your hand.
Hollow point (Anti-Crosstalk technology)

Users of free-1 simply need to speak in a normal tone to utilize the anti-crosstalk technology. Crosstalk is when 2 different voices or sounds are being transmitted simultaneously Crosstalk can cause static, delays and/or echo which detracts from the conversation.
To prevent such cases, free-1 is created with the hollow mouthpiece structure. This design allows for optimal distance between the speaker and mouthpiece to minimize the chance of echo. The hollow mouthpiece design creates a more realistic experience rather than speaking over the internet.

We hope through Skype & IPEVO, we can shorten the distance between people and their love ones, bringing love and joy to the world.